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Photography Magic II
Instructor: Greg Robinson                                            Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost: US$169        

“They’re back”, is a line made famous by Drew Barrymore from the movie Poltergeist. It signified that we were in for another roller-coast ride of haunting and rollicking fun. And if you are looking for the perfect excuse to start your year off with an experience that is more fun than a roller-coaster ride and more memorable than any ghost sighting, then Photography Magic Part II is for you!

Photography Magic I was an instant hit, becoming a top-ten course after the first month here at PPSOP and Photography Magic II is simply more, much more, of that same frolicking, buzzing with creativity photography course that Photography Magic I is!

Four jam-packed lessons, beginning with the first lesson on “free lens”, an amazing technique that shows you how to create amazing images WITHOUT your lens on the camera! You’ll learn how to create stunning visual effects with 3D photographs, create small ‘planets’ and tunnels, and make only small parts of your images ‘move’, (you will believe in ghosts after you learn this trick!) and keep in mind, all of this is found in lesson#1. You still have three more jam-packed lessons to go!

And as is true in Photography Magic I, all of the tutorials in Photography Magic II are presented into two sections: One for the Photoshop user and the other for the far less expensive PhotoShop Elements user and there is no need to be an expert in the use of either program as Greg explains everything, as if you are opening either program for the first time.

Course Requirement:
A digital camera with full manual exposure mode, Understanding basic exposure (Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO). A basic knowledge of Photoshop Elements or PhotoShop 4, 5 or 6 is required.

Instructor: Greg Robinson

Greg RobinsonGreg Robinson has been fascinated by photography since very young and started to experiment and learn when he was 12! At the time, he was studying film photography in his own home made lab to understand and perfect his biggest teenage passion. After nearly 15 years of fun discoveries, unstoppable curiosity and a huge thirst for knowledge, he finally decided to live his dream and become a professional photographer to practice his art full-time.

Once you talk photography with Greg, it’s hard to stop him. He’s ready to teach you all his years of practice with great passion and devotion you can only be filled with excitement and joy. His amazing course Photographic Magic is explained in such simple words you can understand and reproduce the photos in a matter of minutes.

Greg's website is

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