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Long Exposure Creativity - Only Offered In April! Class Full
Instructor: Deborah Sandidge                                           Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost: US$169           

Learn how to create artistic and surreal imagery through the art and technique of long exposure photography. During this comprehensive and fun 4-week course, Deborah Sandidge will guide you through inspirational ideas to apply to your photography, creating fascinating photos that will captivate the viewer. You'll learn how to convey the passage of time, creating imagery with a sense of motion, still rippled water to mirror perfect perfection, paint the clouds as brushstrokes across the canvas of the sky, capture streaks of light from passing cars, photograph the blue hour of twilight, shoot for the stars and beyond! There is something special about long exposure photography that captivates the viewer. This isn’t digital post processing or image enhancement, it’s out of the camera intrigue! You'll enjoy learning how to create surreal imagery through the use of creative long exposure techniques, and come away with captivating fine art photos.

The main event in a photograph is light. In this course you’ll learn how to effectively control light and make it work creatively with your photography. There is something very compelling about long exposure photography that captivates the viewer. This isn’t digital post processing or image enhancement, it’s out of the camera intrigue!

  • Blur a waterfall
  • Capture clouds as streaks behind a building
  • Capture a developing storm with expressive and exciting clouds
  • Quiet the water in a body of water such as a lake or ocean
  • Capture a dramatic sky with a sense of motion
  • Vaporize cars from a busy highway, or people from a walkway

Course Outline:

WEEK 1. Redefine reality—use long exposure during the day to balance light for creating atmosphere. Create captivating images that convey the passage of time. Blur water, soften clouds, slow down motion. You’ll learn tips, techniques and the tools needed for artistically capturing landscapes and cityscapes will create poetic imagery.

WEEK 2. The edge of night—photographing during the twilight. Learn long exposure techniques to capture a colorful sky, beautiful reflections, glittering city lights, and streaks of light from passing cars. You’ll discover how to create compelling long exposure imagery during many photographer’s favorite time of day, the blue hour.

WEEK 3. Nightscapes and beyond—capturing the night sky, star trails and more. You’ll learn the tips, techniques to create illustrative night imagery. Learn about digital techniques for creating star trails, and creative star and light enhancement with your long exposure imagery.

WEEK 4. Travel Near and Far—use long exposure photography to create unique travel and vacation photos, or surreal photos from your hometown area. Learn techniques for creating timeless or nostalgic images with your long exposure imagery. Try iPhone/Smart phone apps for artistic long exposure/slow shutter photography.

Course Requirement:

  • DSLR with bulb option to control shutter speed, Live View is recommended but not required
  • Tripod, sturdy, lightweight, with a tripod head that doesn’t slip
  • Remote shutter release
  • Neutral Density Filter, 10 stop ND recommended, variable ND is fine
  • For wide angle full frame sensor cameras, Singh-Ray 10 stop, or Lee Big Stopper with the Lee Foundation kit is suggested

Instructor: Deborah Sandidge

Deborah SandidgeDeborah Sandidge is a professional photographer specializing in travel and freelance work. Deborah enjoys sharing her insight and creative ideas through workshops, seminars and writing. She is highly respected for her ability to simplify challenging technical issues for her students and workshop/seminar attendees.

Deborah is frequently requested as a guest speaker for her unique ability to blend both the technical and artistic aspects of photography, and to enthusiastically share her knowledge with others. She is the author of Digital Infrared Photography, published by Wiley. Deborah teaches long exposure creativity, infrared photography, and creative techniques for the passionate photographer.

Deborah has been a guest instructor for Nik Software, Topaz labs, and collaborated with the Nikon Learn and Explore site demonstrating star and star trail photography, along with long exposure photography. Nikon is currently using Deborah’s images for advertising, brochures, product guides, and for three years, the Nikon World calendar. To learn more about Deb and her work, click on the links below!

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