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The Joy of Photography Class in recess
Instructors: Kathleen Clemons/Ron Goldman                                            Duration: 12 Weeks            Cost: US$595  
Join photo instructors Kathleen Clemons and Ron Goldman for this exciting 12 week adventure in photography. This class is designed for photographers who want to make photos for the simple joy it brings to them, while learning some new skills, techniques, and ways of looking at the world. It's for those who aren't necessarily looking at photography as a career, but want to be the best photographer they can be, and have some fun too!

Ever feel like you just can't think of anything to shoot? Ever have a brilliant photographic idea but are unsure how to pull it off? Has your camera been sitting in it's bag since that last photography class you took? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this is the class for you! We'll bring you a new lesson and assignments each week to get you out shooting and making photographs that stretch your creative vision and help you capture that incredible feeling that successful photos can bring.

Not only will we show you how to get out of the "creative rut" and "photographer's block", but we will give you an exciting reason to get that camera out and shoot every week, and bring the magic back to your photography.

Some of the topics we'll be working on include:

What to shoot when there's nothing to shoot
The joys of aperture and shutter priority
Macro and selective focus
Shapes, lines and abstracts
Rule breaking and developing a personal style
Patterns, textures and movement
Keywords, assignments and concepts
Natural light and artificial lighting on a shoestring...
... and so much more!

Course Requirement:
A working knowledge of aperture and shutter speed and a desire to bring the joy of photography into your work, and life. Suggested but not required: tripod, assorted lenses such as wide angle, standard and telephoto zoom, macro lens or extension tubes, lensbaby. Shutter release. Various filters such as polarizer, ND's, etc. Reflectors and diffuser. These are not necessary but will give you many more options when shooting the assignments!

Instructor: Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen ClemonsKathleen Clemons is a New England based photographer, living on the beautiful coast of Maine. Primarily a nature photographer, Kathleen is known for her creative use of natural light and unique, stunning compositions. Her work is represented by FogStock, ChromaZone Images, The Jaynes Gallery, Corbis and Getty Images. She was named a "Lensbaby Guru" by the makers of Lensbaby lenses. With a background in education, and a passion for both photography and teaching, she loves to teach others how to improve their photography skills. Kathleen's photos may be viewed at

What students are saying about Kathleen Clemons and her courses?

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Instructor: Ron Goldman

Ron GoldmanRon Goldman is a photographer living in Washington State. Capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in photographs has always been one of Ron's passions. Whether outdoors with natural light or in his studio shooting with strobes, his strong sense of color comes through in all of his images.

Recent clients include Chef Magazine, Portland Menu Guide, Dealer Principal Magazine, Papa Haydn Restaurants and Microtrace Corporation. His stock images are represented by Super Stock, Acclaim Images, and Ad Stock Images. More of Ron's work can be seen here:
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