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Apple iMovie
Updated for the NEW iMovie!
Instructor: Essie Nagler                                            Duration: 2 Weeks            Cost: US$85         

A lot of people have the ability to capture video with their SLR, which is a challenge on its own, but after you shoot the video, it also needs to be edited. Apple users have iMovie at their disposal and it is a great way to edit video. It is an incredibly complex tool that can do just about everything you need. This 2 week class will cover just about everything iMovie is capable of and it couldn't be an easier way to learn. All the lessons are screen videos and our instructor Essie Nagler will be taking you through everything step by step and you will see every mouse click as she describes in the background what she is doing. You will cover...


Course Outline:

  • how to import movies into iMovie
  • signing up for a youtube account
  • find the best way to capture movies
  • creating a new project and the different themes imovie offers
  • adding text to video
  • adding video and still image overlay to video while keeping the audio running in the background
  • adding music to video
  • exporting your movie to your desktop
  • exporting straight to youtube
  • uploading movie through your youtube account
  • show different video and sound affects available.
  • adding a beginning and ending to your video
Instructor: Essie Nagler

Essie NaglerEssie is the video production manager and studio manager at Left Turn Studio. Essie has produced, shot, and edited many hours of instructional videos for Kevin Focht. She has also shot commercial video assignments of fashion productions. Creating video is fun and you will be surprised of how easy it can be. It is another great skill to add to your bag of tricks.

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