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Painting Photographs
Instructors: Cheryl Machat Dorskind                                                          Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost:US$169           

As photography advances along the digital highway, photo artists ironically look back for new ideas. Painting on photographs is a technique as old as photography's origins. Developed to soften the 'mirror like' qualities of the daguerreotype, the tradition of handpainting (handcoloring, handtinting) is now more popular than ever. Manipulation software opens tremendous new possibilities for creative image making. A visit to a stationery store or a poster website will quickly confirm the popularity of the handpainted style.

Painting photographs is a four week course exploring various recipes for applying painterly effects to your photos. Painting Photos responds to the 'hands-off' process of digital photography with 'hands-on' recipes. While our digital hand selects, masks, and guides the pen or mouse, the painting photos process is more tactile. As photo artists we'll shape, sculpt, pick, and smear. This course explores the painter's world, although you need not be an artist or a crafty person to join. Painting photos encourages even the most nimble fingered to try painterly styles. Join me and learn how to say something else, something more, and something personal with a painted photographic technique.

Looking for an identifiable technique to establish personal style? Do you want to use photography to unleash your artistic temperament? Do you want to WOW your audience? Painting photos provides lessons on borders, Polaroid transfers, handpainting with a digital brush, and handpainting on a digitalized inkjet print and more. Each weekly lesson concludes with original and fun assignments worthy of hanging as art on your walls.

Course Outline:

Week one
Week One provides an overview of the painterly possibilities and helps answer the question, 'Why paint?' We'll begin at the beginning, choosing an appropriate photograph for painting and learn to photograph with the intent of painting. Through this process we'll identify the intrinsic photographic qualities of portraits and landscapes and discuss the tasks of painting specific for each genre. The lesson will include scanning and resizing guidelines.

Week two
Painting and color theory go hand in hand. And while you could spend a life time studying color, we'll jump in and learn about color theory and how to use color for digital photography enhancement. We'll talk about digital brushes, the color picker, and layers. We'll learn to create artistic borders and digital Polaroid transfers. We'll learn the basics of color management and how to calibrate our monitors.

Week three
This week explores the tactile qualities of the artist's world. We'll talk about fine art papers, learn new concepts (Giclee, archival), make test prints and maximize output settings for digital prints and painting enhancements. We'll use layers, desaturate colors, and build new colors (layers and blending) step-by-step with a digital brush.

Week four
Week four puts it all together. First, we'll create test prints and create Giclees which will be further enhanced with pastels and other mixed media. You'll learn how to apply color, layer color, build color and blend. Finishing lacquers, matting and framing complete the class.

Course Requirement:
Students should be comfortable with their photo editing software (Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro, or Adobe Photoshop). The course is for the curious minded student (artists and never before painters are welcome!) interested in experimenting.

General materials: Inkjet printer. A tablet is recommended by not required. A scanner is necessary only if you want to scan old pictures or negatives.

Art materials: Pastels, fine art water color paper, torcheons. A detailed supply list and suppliers will be supplied upon enrollment.

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Instructor: Cheryl Machat Dorskind

Cheryl Machat DorskindPhotographing and painting since she was twelve, Cheryl Machat Dorskind is the best selling author of “The Art of Handpainting Photographs” and “The Art of Photographing Children” and the eBook, Photographing Children Naturally (published by Trey Ratcliff, available @ Flatbooks). She is also a New York Times acclaimed photo artist, a workshop instructor, a college professor and a fine art mentoring expert (FAME).

Cheryl shares her passion for photography and her knowledge of art, literature, music, and color on her blog (“Between Loads: Photo Thoughts”). A member of the ASMP, she actively participates in conversations on Google Plus and Facebook. She has been a photo instructor at The Perfect Picture School of Photography since 2006. Her students and photo clients describe her as “communicative,” “caring,” “artistic,” and “real.”

Corporate clients include: Random House, Niche Media, The New York Times, Newsday, The Southampton Press, Epic Records

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