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Introduction to Food Photography
Instructor: Ron Goldman                                            Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost: US$169         

Are you as passionate about food as you are photography? Do you find yourself looking through culinary magazines and cookbooks, mesmerized by the photographs and wondering how the photographer was able to create such a stunning image? Have you tried to create similar images and not achieved the results you had hoped for? Perhaps you have started your own "Food Blog" and want your images to stand out among the thousands of others? Well... you are not alone.

Food contains all of the elements of design that make a striking image. Color, texture, pattern, line, shape, and form are all there, yet it seems almost impossible to correctly capture these elements in a way that makes the viewer NEED to eat what they are seeing.

How many time have you heard "You eat with your eyes first"? It's true! A beautifully executed food image will make the viewer's mouth water and their stomach rumble even if they are not fond of the dish that they are looking at!

It's our job as food photographers to present images that make people stop, look, and feel like they just can't go without what they are looking at.

How do we do that? In this class, you will discover that with a minimum amount of equipment, some basic composition and exposure rules, and a large dash of creativity, you too can shoot food images just like those you have admired.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Understanding light
When it comes to food photography, light is the single most important aspect. No matter how beautifully a dish is prepared or styled, if it’s lit improperly, there is no way it will look good. We will be discussing Quality, Quantity, and Direction of light and how all three of these relate in creating perfect food images. We will also be covering basic light modifiers such as reflectors, and diffusers as well as the concepts of using fill light, highlights, shadows, and contrast to create perfect food images.

Lesson 2: Camera angles and Lens selection
Depth, height, form, line, and texture are all important when it comes to shooting food. We will show you that where you place your camera can have a huge impact on one or all of these attributes as well as how lens selection, aperture, and focus points all interact with the subject and how it impacts the final image.

Lesson 3: Subject qualities
Reflective, translucent, and flat are just a few words that describe the visual qualities of a subject. Each of these qualities presents a unique challenge to the photographer. We will discuss how to match your lighting to a specific subject to show off its properties as well as what to do when there are multiple properties in a scene.

Lesson 4: Bringing it all together
Combining everything we have covered in the first three lessons to create compelling food images. Information on places to get tools and props associated with food photography as well as a brief discussion on the profession of food styling.

Course Requirement:
Students should have a thorough understanding of their camera, aperture and shutter speed. A tripod is an absolute necessity! A digital or film SLR with a wide angle, normal, and short telephoto, macro lens or extension tubes will help you get the most from this class. All of the lessons will be shot using natural light so studio lighting is NOT necessary.

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Instructor: Ron Goldman

Ron GoldmanRon Goldman is a photographer living in Washington State. Capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in photographs has always been one of Ron's passions. Whether outdoors with natural light or in his studio shooting with strobes, his strong sense of color comes through in all of his images.

Recent clients include Chef Magazine, Portland Menu Guide, Dealer Principal Magazine, Papa Haydn Restaurants and Microtrace Corporation. His stock images are represented by Super Stock, Acclaim Images, and Ad Stock Images. More of Ron's work can be seen here:

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