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The Complete Guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements with Robin Nichols
Instructor: Robin Nichols                                                                             Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost: US$169         

Join us for this feature-packed four week class to learn the essentials of Photoshop Elements, the industry’s most powerful picture editor for enthusiast photographers.

This class is carefully divided into four sessions, each of which contains four tutorials. These cover subjects from a simple ‘how do I find my photos’, to professional retouching techniques, multimedia presentations and special effects to make your work pop off the page...

In week one we begin with simple setup tutorials and basic image fixing techniques to get you started. Weeks two and three take you on a creative journey investigating selections, layers, panorama stitching and retouching. The last lesson in the information packed class is all about Elements’ powerful masking capabilities, fancy filter effects, multimedia tools and layer Blend Modes. In fact, everything you need to know to make beautiful images, illustrations and multimedia presentations...

Once assignments are uploaded to the PPSOP server, the work is assessed and a video critique is posted on the tutor’s Vimeo site.

Course Outline:

Week ONE

Video 01:
Intro, and how to organise your photos
Setting up the Organizer
Alternative ways to organise your work (i.e. using iPhoto, ZoomBrowser, Picasa, Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto, etc.)

Video 02:
Working in the Editor space
Explanation: Quick Mode, Guided Edit Mode and Expert mode
Thoughts on the best Workflow
10 ways to open photos
Auto Fix tools: when and how to use them
The best photo fixing tools: Levels, Hue/Saturation, Clone Stamp...

Video 03:
RAW Workflow - understanding the RAW advantage
Updating RAW converters

Video 04:
Resolution, Canvas Size
Print Preparation - sharpening your picture files

Week TWO

Video 01:
All about the Selection tools
Magic Wand
Selection Brush/Modes

Video 02:
Fine-tuning Selections
Saving Selections
Selection modifiers
Defringe function

Video 03:
Creating multimedia slide shows

Video 04:
Spreading the word: uploading your work to social media Sites


Video 01:
All About Layers and Transformations

Video 02:
Posters, Kaleidoscopes and scrapbooking

Video 03:
Photomerge: Panoramas, Face Replace, Exposure and Style Matching

Video 04:
The Retouching tools
Learn how to retouch like a pro using the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush


Video 01:
Layer Masking Techniques

Video 02:
Layer and tool based Blend Modes

Video 03:
Working with Text

Video 04:
Esoteric Elements: Fancy filter effects, re-composing and project based features

Course Requirement:

  • Most of the techniques covered in this class are relevant for Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 through to Elements 12.
  • Note that you do not need to have your own Vimeo account to receive your feedback. Links are sent directly from Vimeo to the enrolled student.

Instructor: Robin Nichols

Robin NicholsLike a few others involved in the industry, I’m in the envious position of being able to combine my life’s passion, photography, with my job.

Born in the UK, I’ve spent the past 28 years in Sydney. I began work in Australia as a cameraman in the audio-visual business, then as a freelance photographer. In the nineties I worked as a contributing freelance writer for several photo publications, then as a full-time magazine editor for more than eight years. In 2000 I started my own publishing business producing Australia’s best-selling specialist digital photo techniques publication: Better Digital Camera magazine.

With this I aggressively pursued the goal of producing clear, well-illustrated information written in simple English and continued to develop this plain-speaking style in another specialist magazine, Better Photoshop Techniques.

Nowadays I mostly teach and run specialist photo tours to photo-centric locations such as Africa, Japan, Bali, Iceland and Cuba. When not travelling I run photo workshops in which I teach digital photography, video and post-production classes online, and in face-to-face classes locally, through Sydney University.

My work can be seen online at:
and on my blog:

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