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Creating Art in Close-up World - Only Offered In April! Class Full
Instructor: Mike Moats                                           Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost: US$169           

This 4-weeek course is designed to help you find, create, and capture great artwork through macro photography. You will be working with nature and non-nature subjects inside and outside your home. Mike will also cover the technical side and help to expand your creativity.

You will not be photographing bugs or critters in this course.

Course Outline:

Week One
The most common subject for macro photographers to photograph are flowers. Rather than the standard flower images, you will learn to look for character in your flowers, and this session will help you create a more artistic look.

Week Two
Mike’s success as a macro photographer has come from what he calls “two subject compositions”. You will learn about this compositional style, what makes it successful, and shoot your own two subject comps.

Week Three
In the third session you will learn how to create artistic images using common items found in your home, and many other non-nature subjects that you can photograph to will produce very interesting images.

Week Four
Most macro photographers that venture outdoors to shoot look for the most common subjects like flowers and bugs. In the last session you will learn about all the interesting subjects other than flowers and bugs to create art in macro.

Course Requirement:

  • Understanding of basic exposure.
  • Tripod, sturdy, lightweight, with a tripod head that doesn’t slip

Instructor: Mike Moats

Mike Moats Mike Moats is a pro macro photographer from Michigan. His articles and images have been published in many major photo magazines and he has written several how-to macro and photo business eBooks. Mike’s images have won local and international awards. He is one of Tamron’s master macro photographers, and was a member of the Fuji Pro Talent Team. Mike offers three day Macro Boot Camps all across the USA.

To learn more about Mike, please go to:

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